Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who wears panties anymore anyway?

Victoria Secret is having their semi-annual sale today through whenever. Usually I'm excited, but its too hot for panties.

My new and fave comfy bra the Incredible isn't on sale, so womp womp! I bought this bra three weeks ago after going in for the Miraculous. You know the bra that gives you TWO extra sizes. My non existent boobies went from bee stings to falling out of my bra-instant augmentation. I was telling the store clerk, how I loved the Miraculous, but these new preggo boobies, would not stay put. So she suggested the Incredible. I love love love love this bra!

Well Pumpkin has given me some new friends, so I needed comfort, and the Incredible is just that! Praying I keep these after breast feeding. I've heard and seen horror stories of boobies gone bad after breast feeding.

Speaking of Incredible. The Incredible Perfume is yummy for the warm weather. Not too strong, yet a sweet and sassy mix. I bought the mist, because I had just spend $200 on bras. I guess there isn't a difference between the mist and the actual perfume.

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  1. How far along are you?? I'm 35 weeks, 4 days (and counting)!! I just tried wearing perfume this morning, for the first time in a long time... and I was overwhelmed by the scent. It may of had something to do with it being Love Spell..... :/ but yeah, that was WAY too much. Do you have this problem at all?