The Cast

Mama-Unmedicated ADHD combined type with a sprinkle of OCD. Sarcastic sweet heart. Closet full of 5"+ stilettos & pumps. A vegetarian trying to stay on this side of the fence. Cupcake & wine  connoisseur. Pretty passionate about injustices. Trying to figure out how Pumpkin is going to fit in the crew. 

Mr.-9 years genius child. Medicated  ADHD combined type. Typical male minor with the exception of his super  power:: the ability to speak 455,788,678,678 words per minute! 

Diva- 7 years old Diva *snaps twice* sassy female minor that CLEARY knows everything. Loves timeout! *side eye* 

Pumpkin-inhibits my uterus. The gender of pumpkin is unknown. Pumpkin loves to play on mama's bladder. After chocolate cupcakes, pumpkin has fist pumping sessions.