Monday, June 20, 2011

30 Things Before 30

In 17 months I will be 30. And what does that mean? Hell if I know, besides I'll be People put so much pressure on women and what happens after thirty. Maybe that's when life starts and its a secret society that I'll join. Either way, these are the thirty things, that I would like to experience/conquer before 11/19/2012. 

  1. Try a vegan diet for 21 days
  2. Go bungee jumping
  3. Run a marathon
  4. Laugh until I cry
  5. Get drunk off Champagne
  6. Go to Disney
  7. Watch the sunrise and sunset at the same spot on the same day
  8. Play in the rain
  9. Start my own non-profit
  10. Teach a college course
  11.  Spend a holiday in another state
  12. Go to a shooting range
  13. Learn to drive a stick shift
  14. Visit a winery
  15. Run around the block naked
  16. Go a whole day with no phone/internet/social networks
  17. Get a new tattoo
  18. Learn to pole dance
  19. Create a life soundtrack
  20. Learn to sew
  21. Have a girls night/weekend sleepover party at a hotel
  22. Learn to surf
  23. Learn to paint
  24. Write a book, even if its short and never gets published
  25. Prepare a 5 course meal
  26. Give a homeless person $100
  27. Try a raw diet for 21 days
  28. Start a new educational program
  29. Read at least 30 new books
  30. Take a shower under a natural waterfall 
Upon completing each one I'll update and mark through it. Stay tuned. 

1 comment:

  1. Wow- such ambitious goals! I'm putting #1, #19, and #30 on my to do list!